My packing list for a year of travel

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

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You'll never believe how much I fit into these bags! My point here is NOT how to live for a year on next to nothing. Rather, with the right equipment and the savior-that-are packing cubes, I'm showing you that you can fit a SHOCKING amount of things in only 1 checked bag, 1 small carry-on duffel, and 1 small backpack. So if you have more than this number of bags, I honestly think you're doing something wrong because I'm already bringing far more than I even need. I really think you'll be shocked how much I'm bringing in such a small amount of space! Also, keep in mind that I'm not going anywhere super cold, so that definitely helps.

Here's everything I'm starting out with. I'll update at the end of this blog to let you know what I ditch & buy along the way:


Shoes- 8 pairs


-nude bra

-black bra

-2 sports bras (1 black, 1 patterned)

-strapless bra

-1 pair hiking socks

-6 normal socks

-15 panties (side note: I switched ALL my underwear to Knix, including some of their leakproof underwear for when I'm on my period. I have a light flow because I have an IUD, and these are lifesavers so I don't have to carry tampons! I've got you a 30% off code on any Knix order: catcall30)


-1 black top

-2 patterned bottoms

Outerwear - 4

-black rain jacket (packable & light-weight)

-black quilted jacket

-suede vest



-3 patterned scarves

-1 ivory scarf

-1 pair sunglasses

-black cross-body purse

-packable grocery/beach bag

-12 pairs earrings (I have an obsession!)

-6 necklaces

Tops - 22

-3 long-sleeved

-8 short-sleeved (3 solid, 3 patterned, 2 T-shirts)

-7 sleeveless (3 solid, 4 patterned)

-2 camis (black & white)

-2 athletic/workout tops

Bottoms - 13

-1 pair black jeans

-3 pairs long black leggings

-1 pair cropped black leggings

-4 chino shorts (white, black, army green, rust)

-2 athletic shorts (black & patterned)

-2 bike shorts (savior under dresses!)

Dresses - 5

-2 short, flowy, colored & patterned

-1 long patterned

-1 long white & ivory

-1 short black


-sunscreen (it's SO expensive abroad, and I have my fav)


-Quip travel toothbrush w/ stand/cover (+ refill head)

-travel hairbrush

-dry shampoo (+ refills because this is hard to get abroad!!)

-no-liquid shampoo bar (+ refills because I used sulfate free shampoo, which is hard to get abroad!!)


-face moisturizer

-face oil

-jade roller


-nail clippers

-medicine for colds (because finding your favs in another country is HARD. I've learned the hard way)

-squeezable Netipot

-makeup (I don't use much, so this will last me a year)

-razor (+ refill blades because they don't sell the specific ones I need in most places)


-2 travel-sized perfumes

-some other personal stuff...


-2 Tide-to-Go pens

-40 detergent sheets (these are so cool!!!! no liquid and incredibly compact!)

-small Febreeze


-laptop + charger

-personal & work phone + wireless & cord charger

-Kindle + charger

-Fitbit Alta + charger

-portable charger (w/ 3 charges and SO small!)

-Amazon Fire TV Stick

-1 universal adapter w/ multiple inputs & USB plugs


-travel wallet

-massage tools: lacrosse ball, foot massage ball, Fasciablaster, Theracane back/shoulder massager (Yes, I have lots of tightness, hence the crazy amount of tools, but they're all small!)

-microfiber hair towel wrap

-water bottle (save the planet!!)

-travel thermos (save the planet!!)

-Travel quiz game

-Q&A a day 5-year journal


-in-flight kit (gum, pen, tissues, Wet Wipes, toothbrush & travel-sized toothpaste, peppermint essential oil roller, earplugs, self-inflating neck pillow, eye mask)