The online bank that will help you earn thousands of dollars in just a few short months

Disclaimer: This is NOT sponsored in any way. I just truly love this company, and my financial health has greatly improved because of their products. I humbly ask you to use my referral links (details at the bottom). I get money, you get money. It’s all a win-win!

Are you obsessed with your bank and want to tell everyone about it? Chances are, probably not. But let me be clear, I LOVE my bank and truly want everyone to share in the joy I have for it. I’ve been profiting big time, finally feel like I have all of my finances managed in one place, and at last feel like I have a better understanding of investing. What is this magic bank that could make someone actually be obsessed?


Wait, wait, wait. I’ve heard of SoFi. Isn’t it that student loan refinance company that has ads all over San Francisco? Well, yes. It started as that, but a couple years ago, they launched a new Money feature, which is basically a high-interest checking and savings account combined into one. The benefits are the following:

  • Completely digital- There are no branch offices. Think about this. When was the last time you actually needed to step foot in a branch office? Likely, almost never. Because they’re fully digital, their product MATTERS. They spend major time on their app, and it’s a beautiful, modern, seamless experience that actually makes me want to check my accounts every day. Which I do... Perfect for the digital nomad based all over the world.

  • No ATM fees- Yep. That’s right. No ATM fees ANYWHERE. That includes no international fees. So go ahead and use any ATM in the world. They’ll reimburse the fee instantly to your account.

  • High interest rate- SoFi sets your interest rate at the max the Federal Reserve allows. As of writing this, that’s 1.6%, so you’ll gain dollars each month, not pennies. It’s something...

  • No account fees- It costs you nada.

  • FREE financial planning- Yes, it’s true! You can talk to a financial planner for FREE. No crazy hourly rates that drain your bank account while you’re trying to fill it. They also have so many great free online resources that have helped me learn more! I went from major dummy to now able to make informed decisions.

But my favorite part and the one that has made me earn THOUSANDS of dollars in only a few short months? The Invest product. In the same app, you can set up & manage:

  • An auto-invested account: managed by an investment manager FOR FREE!!!! Did you hear that? Someone manages your investments at no charge.

  • IRA: Roll over your existing 401(K) account from a previous employer or transfer an existing IRA

  • Individual stocks: Buy, sell, trade. You can also buy pieces of individual shares (“Stock Bits”). When you buy a Stock Bit, you specify a dollar amount that you’d like to spend instead of a number of shares. Pretty handy when you’re interested in the pricier stocks that can cost several hundreds or even thousands of dollars for one share. Now you can get a piece for as little as $1.

  • Cryptocurrency: Backed by Coinbase, you can also buy, sell, trade crypto. Unfortunately, you can’t move over your existing Coinbase wallet to SoFi. Hoping this feature launches soon so that I can finally move over everything into one place.

There is also a feature called “Relay” that is similar to millennial-favorite app Mint, that allows you to keep track of all your finances, spending, credit score for free in one place.

When I tell people the benefits, they don’t believe me. I find everyone second guessing what I’m saying. But I’m telling you this is all true and not too good to believe. It exists! I repeat: It has allowed me to make THOUSANDS of dollars in only a few months because of the ease and no-cost of all their investment products.

What are you waiting for? P.S. pretty please use my referral links. I get some cash and you do too. Here are the deets: